We deliver to farms of all sizes.

Agricultural Services

At Staffordshire Fuels we supply fuels and lubricants to the very highest standards in an era where fuel quality is at the foremost of everyone’s mind.

Not only do we offer competitive prices and a delivery service second to none , but we are also on hand to provide recommendations on additive packages that may be needed in todays world of evolving fuel specifications.

Our Agricultural services at a glance

  • Gas oil also known as red diesel, 35 sec oil, sulphur free gas oil. (SFGO)
  • Reliable, efficient, speedy delivery.
  • Our rural location means we are ideally placed to supply farms of all sizes.
  • Best possible prices.


  • Keen sense of community.
  • Kerosene (farmhouse heating)  ULSD (road diesel) all available.
  • Phillip Allport is our Sales Rep for Derbyshire/Uttoxeter areas.
  • Additives – gas oil extra, helps modern tractors run more efficiently.


It's easy to pay

We accept all debit and credit cards. If you have any queries speak to a member of our team today.